Anti-ISIS Video Aims To Show Reality Of Fighting For The Terrorist Group

by : UNILAD on : 04 Aug 2015 13:43
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A UK counter-extremism organisation has launched a new anti-ISIS campaign video.


The Quilliam Foundation hope the video will show the harsh reality of fighting for ISIS, and is intended as a counter-argument to the terrorist group’s large social media presence.

The narrative that runs throughout the terrorist group’s online presence paints life fighting for the Islamic State in a positive light.

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The advert is part of the thinktank’s wider #NotAnotherBrother campaign, which aims to provide an opposing argument to ISIS’s propaganda, showing young Muslims the human cost of radicalisation.


A statement accompanying the video says:

ISIL are radicalising our brothers to fight in Syria. They are tearing families apart. Enough is enough. Sharing this film will show ISIL that their extremist views have no place in our community. No family should lose another loved one to such hatred.

Not another child. Not another sister. #NotAnotherBrother

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