Anti-Lockdown Protesters Seen Wearing ‘Yellow Stars’ Nazis Forced Jewish People To Wear In Holocaust

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Anti-Lockdown Protesters Seen Wearing 'Yellow Stars' Nazis Forced Jewish People To Wear In HolocaustDavid Baddiel/Twitter

Anti-lockdown protestors have been slammed for wearing yellow stars similar to the ones Jewish people were forced to wear by Nazis during the holocaust. 

Demonstrators took to the streets of London on Saturday, April 24, to take part in the ‘Unite for Freedom’ march and protest against restrictions put in place by the government in its effort to stem the spread of coronavirus.


Thousands of attendees, who weren’t wearing protective face masks, criticised the vaccine rollout, mask mandates and the prospect of vaccine passports, and while some chanted and carried signs that read ‘lockdowns kill’, a number were seen wearing yellow badges in the shape of the Star of David.

The badges are reminiscent of badges used segregate Jewish people from the rest of the population during the Holocaust, when Nazis attempted to control their movements. According to the website Holocaust Encyclopedia, the badges were intended to ‘stigmatize and humiliate’ Jews, and also facilitated deportation.

In spite of the awful background, protestors chose to don similar badges at yesterday’s march, where a banner reading ‘stop the vaccine Holocaust’ was also reportedly carried.


The comparison between the Holocaust and coronavirus lockdowns has been slammed online, with comedian David Baddiel sharing an image of a protestor wearing a yellow star and writing: ‘Take. That. Off.’


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He added: ‘What I’ve said there does in fact illustrate one of a number of key differences between this woman’s situation and my grandparents in Germany in the 1930s. She has that option.’

Meanwhile, actor and comedian Katy Brand sarcastically highlighted the stark differences between the Holocaust and lockdowns as she wrote: ‘I mean yes, lockdown is a bit like a concentration camp in the sense that during the Holocaust Jewish people routinely shared a bottle of M&S Prosecco on the train, and then wandered around Auschwitz for the day complaining before going home for a drink in their local pub garden.’


Protestors wearing the yellow stars have also been branded as ‘stupid’, ‘ignorant’ and ‘totally lacking in awareness.’

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David Baddiel/Twitter
  1. David Baddiel/Twitter