Anti-Muslim Protester In U.S. Won Over By Debate… And Hugs


When one ignorant Ohio woman showed up at the Noor Islamic Centre to protest about the ‘dangers’ of Islam, it’s safe to say she wasn’t expecting such a hospitable welcome.

Instead of greeting the woman with anger, when Muslim counter-protesters arrived they peacefully explained to her the misconceptions she had about their religion, before one of the members of the mosque gave her a hug and invited her inside.

And when the Christian woman, identified only as ‘Annie’, did walk into the Mosque she was greeted by loud applause and cheering, according to


The white woman had arrived at the centre in Dublin, Ohio, with placards saying “No Shariah Law” as part of a day of anti-Muslim protests organised across the U.S. and misleadingly named the ‘Global Rally for Humanity’.

However, those who met Annie handled the situation beautifully, engaging the woman in a lively debate about Islam, the Qu’ran, President Obama (because she thought he was a Muslim) and the Middle East.

Although she initially complained about the “muzzies”, Annie conceded that there was too much bloodshed in the Middle East and admitted she had never actually read the Qu’ran, despite criticising it.

She was then confronted by a Muslim woman wearing a hijab who offered to pose with her for a photo, explaining to her: “I’m an American too”, before inviting her inside the Mosque.

Clearly things didn’t turn out quite how this woman was anticipating. What a great way to fight back against ignorance and bigotry – don’t argue, educate!