Anti-Vaxxers Are Boycotting Costa

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Anti-Vaxxers Are Boycotting CostaPA Images

Many anti-vaxxers and social media users are boycotting Costa Coffee after one of its cafes in Ireland displayed a notice stating that unvaccinated customers would not be allowed to sit inside. 

The hashtag ‘BoycottCosta’ is trending on Twitter after a photograph of the sign was shared online along with the caption, ‘Photo ID also required’.


The image, taken outside one of Costa’s branches in the town of Killarney, Ireland, showed the notice posted clearly on the door and listing a number of ‘Eat in requirements’.

It stated that all customers over the age of 18 must provide ‘proof of immunity’ against coronavirus, either through a digital COVID certificate, vaccination card or proof of recovery from the virus, as well as photo ID.

Addressing those who have not received their coronavirus vaccine, the sign added, ‘Unvaccinated customers may sit OUTSIDE and may use takeaway cups only.’


Costa has made clear that its proof of vaccination or immunity policy falls in line with the rules set out by the Irish government, but ‘#BoycottCosta’ continues to trend as some social media users slam the chain for displaying the sign.

One Twitter user wrote, ‘Never buying a coffee with you again. EVER. That’s £15 a week you’ve lost from me. Not that you’d give a sh*t, but I encourage everyone to #BoycottCosta’.


Another person commented, ‘What do you think you’re doing @CostaCoffee? Have you taken leave of your senses? On what planet do you think this is acceptable? You have enough trouble making decent coffee now you demand papers?#openforall #NoVaccinePassport’.

A third wrote, ‘I would not feel comfortable drinking coffee in a shop which excludes some of my fellow humans. Independent shops are nicer. #BoycottCosta’.


In response to some of the tweets, Costa has apologised for any frustration caused and directed people to the government policy that requires them to have the requirements outlined on the notice, with one tweet reading, ‘We are abiding by the government policy set out in Ireland, you can find more [here] – these policies specifically affect our Irish stores.’


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Though many people using the #BoycottCosta hashtag are anti-vaxxers and people who disagree with restricting customers, it has also been taken on by many social media users who are happy about the rules.

One person commented, ‘Happy days there’ll be guaranteed seats for me and my vaccinated friends in Costa if people are going to boycott it.’


Other users have pointed out that attempts to boycott Costa won’t have much impact if the people doing so wouldn’t be allowed inside anyway.

If you’ve been affected by coronavirus and want up to date advice, visit the Gov.uk help page here. If you need medical help call NHS 111 or visit online.

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