Anti-Vaxxer Attempts To Have Police Officer Arrested Over 'Genocide'

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Anti-Vaxxer Attempts To Have Police Officer Arrested Over 'Genocide'
Anti-Vaxxer Attempts To Have Police Officer Arrested Over 'Genocide' (@covidradical/Twitter)

Footage has emerged of anti-vaxxers trying to arrest police officers amid their refusal to stop 'genocide' at a vaccination centre.

The UK has seen more than 15.6 million confirmed cases of COVID-19, with more than 153,000 deaths. More than 71% of the country's population is believed to be fully vaccinated at the time of writing.

With the vaccine rollout ramped up in response to the Omicron variant, statistics have shown having two or more doses will significantly reduce the risk of hospitalisation and death for those who test positive for coronavirus.


Late in December last year, Health Secretary Sajid Javid condemned an anti-vaxx protest in Milton Keynes after the rally developed into abusive behaviour towards NHS staff, accusing them of committing 'genocide'.

Yesterday, January 20, videos were shared to social media of anti-vaxxers facing off with police at a vaccination centre. 'I've told you my position: I'm not going to be arresting the officers or taking them into custody,' the unnamed officer tells one protester, having been asked to apprehend officers who declined to shut down the centre.

The protesters then accuse him of 'enabling genocide' and reference their 'ongoing criminal investigation' in also accusing him of 'misconduct in public office and perverting the course of justice'.

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One unnamed protester then proceeds to 'arrest' the officer in charge, explaining he's just doing his 'duty' as a 'sovereign' citizen, before saying he'll need to arrest the rest of the officers as well.

'We care about the people that are dying and being injured,' one can be heard saying in the background, before parroting claims of 'mass genocide' and how vaccine centres will be 'talked about in history... unfortunately, doing your job doesn't hold up either'.

After threatening to phone the police on the police, the police say they could risk being prosecuted for wasteful use of resources, not dissimilar to hoax callers. 'We're entirely in the right,' one woman says, alleging the officers would shut down the centre if they investigated their claims.


The Cambridge Dictionary defines genocide as 'the murder of a whole group of people, especially a whole nation, race, or religious group'. Vaccines have proven to be helpful in preventing the deaths of those with COVID-19, with fatalities as a result of or in relation to effects of the vaccine incredibly low.

In a later update, the red-bereted protester confirmed he was 'kind enough' to 'de-arrest' the officers before they left the area.

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