Apparently America Might Be ‘Turning Off’ Niagara Falls


Plans are afoot in the USA that would see their part of Niagara Falls reducing to nothing more than a trickle.

It is being reported by Fox News that officials from the state of New York would like to do so in order to replace two 115-year-old bridges.

The bridges connect the U.S. mainland to Goat Island, via Green Island, in the middle of the Niagara river overlooking the falls, and they are used by millions of tourists each year.


The waters of the river would be diverted toward the Horseshoe Falls which belong to Canada. As 85 per cent of the river already flows over that section the Horseshoe Falls would become even more powerful, potentially drawing greater tourism to Ontario.

However, it is hoped that the dry section would still be of interest to visitors in the U.S.

A state issued design report said:

Dewatering is expected initially (to) be a tourism draw (a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the falls and river channel without water).

But it wouldn’t be the first time – the falls were previously ‘switched off’ in 1969.

A public hearing is being held tonight at Niagara Falls Convention Center where plans will be discussed.

According to Inquisitr three solutions will be discussed, with two of those requiring the dewatering of the falls.

Reported costs of the bridge redevelopment ranges between $21.6 million to $37.3 million (roughly £15 million to £26 million), so any decision which may harm tourism will not be made lightly.