Apparently It’s Not Just The Right Wing That Doesn’t Know Where ‘Agrabah’ Is


The old ‘Agrabah’ method of exposing political ignorance has appeared once again, but this time it has caught out members of America’s left wing.

First time round supporters of the Republican party were duped into voicing their support for bombing the city, despite the fact it does not actually exist outside the realm of a Disney film.

Well this time it was the turn of Democrats to be embarrassed by their lack of cult cartoon classic knowledge.

According to the Washington Post a polling company has asked Democrats if refugees from ‘Agrabah’ should be given asylum.


Incredibly 44 per cent of those asked responded yes, as opposed to saying ‘what the fuck do you take me for?’.

27 per cent said no, and 28 per cent were indifferent.

There is no escaping the shame of not appreciating that ‘Agrabah’ isn’t real, but I’m more inclined to back those who want to help citizens of a fictitious city as opposed to those who want to blow it to kingdom come.

But let’s face it, it is pretty embarrassing.

So the next time you are asked any political questions that you don’t fully understand, just say that.