Apparently Niall Horan’s New House Is Haunted By Ghost Of Famous Actress

by : UNILAD on : 25 Jul 2016 10:07
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Most people have probably never been to Niall Horan’s house, nor will they, but fair warning if you ever do – it’s haunted, apparently.


The One Direction singer has just spent £3 million on a Los Angeles home previously owned by Gia Scala, an actress who died in mysterious circumstances in one of its bedrooms more than 40 years ago.

The 38-year-old actress, who was born in Liverpool, was found dead in 1972 at her home on Woodrow Wilson Drive. The coroner ruled her death to be accidental, due to ‘acute ethanol and barbiturate intoxication’, or a mix of alcohol and prescription sedatives.

What’s spooky though, is that she was allegedly found naked, with bruises on her body and blood on her pillow, the Mirror reports.


Apparently, the bedroom looked to be staged with wine bottles and dirty wine glasses strewn about. But because Gia was known for being organised and neat, her sister Tina never believed that Gina committed suicide or that her death was accidental.

And a former resident believes the ‘Guns of Navarone’ actress’ presence can still be detected there.

Jack Krane, who grew up in the house, said:

I always asked if someone died in one of these houses, and my parents said no. I have always felt something strange. That house is haunted, for sure. I’ve had a few ghost stories over there. It’s creepy.

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But it doesn’t look like Niall has let a ghost put him off buying the property.

A source told The Sun:

Niall loves the house. It’s got everything he needs and isn’t too flashy. He’s having a lot of work done before he moves in.


The definition of ‘not too flashy’ must really differ between us common folk and the celebs though, considering the property apparently has five bedrooms, six bathrooms, an outdoor swimming pool, and a rooftop deck.

If nothing else, having a haunted house would be cool – hopefully Gia Scala’s ghost is one of the nicer ones.

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    Niall Horan's new LA home 'HAUNTED by ghost of tragic actress found dead in mysterious circumstances'