Apparently This Is A ‘Cloud Stealth’ UFO And Not A Plastic Bag



I’ve seen a few UFOs in my time, but this may just be the best of the lot. Filmed in Philadelphia, the cameraman keeps track of what he believes to be some sort of extreme advanced technology floating above the houses on his street. And definitely not a plastic bag of some sort.

The video is currently going viral at the moment on Reddit under the brilliant title of “Man films cloud stealth UFO in Philadelphia (7th & Tioga)” and it has attracted some interesting comments from YouTube viewers.

Comments such as “That’s a massive cloud of soap bubbles. The flashing lights are actually sunlight refracted by the thousands of tiny spheres inside the cloud formation. Science Bitch,” and “Dude this is excellent footage. I think u just filmed a UFO alright cause is unidentified but really this is probably the first video tape of a cloaked stealth bomber. Nice!!!”

What is most evident, however, is that people really cannot decide on WTF this thing is.

What do you think?