Apparently This Painting Proves That God Is An Alien

by : UNILAD on : 22 Nov 2016 16:31

Whether you’re a theist, an atheist, or agnostic it is impossible to deny that the possibility of there being a God up there, in whichever form imaginable, has changed the world utterly. 


For good or for bad is a question for another day – however the question at hand right now is was God an alien?

It’s possible, for sure – as are all things dealing with the possibility of an omniscient, omnipotent being, but is it true and where is the proof for it?

According to Inquisitr, there isn’t all that much proof at all to be honest however there is this weird and wonderful painting which is without doubt pretty damn creepy.


The painting, known as The Glorification of the Eucharist, resides in a Tuscan church and shows God the Father and God the Son sitting besides the Universe – however the universe looks an awful lot similar to the Russian Sputnik spaceship.

Now here’s where things get really weird.

The Sputnik spaceship – which, it has to be said, does look awfully similar to the ‘Universe’ in the painting, was only released in the late 1950’s, whereas the painting was conducted by Italian artist Ventura Salimbeni some 350 years earlier.


Some theorists argue that the sphere is proof that Salimbeni was granted a vision of the future space satellite by Jesus.

Others claim that Jesus was an alien time traveller who came to Salimbeni either in a dream or in real life and revealed to him a model of Sputnik 1 and thus inspired the famous painting.


According to the narrator of the video, which was uploaded two years ago but is going viral again:


This just looks a little bit too uncanny for symbolic reference.

If the sphere is said to represent the universe, why did the painter not include any stars or other celestial objects?.

Why does the sphere seem to reflect light much like an actual shiny ball would?

What exactly was the vision the artist saw when he painted this work of art? What inspired him? This is truly odd.

What do you think? Is it merely a coincidence or was there something a little more eerie surrounding the creation of this art? It certainly is quite bizarre…

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