Apple To Include New Individual Voice Recognition For Siri In iOS 9

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Apple recently claimed that Siri ‘will always be listening’ on the new iPhone 6s and 6 plus models – and now they’ve announced that Siri will be upping its game to a whole new level.

According to reports, it will now be able to officially recognise the voice of said iPhone owner, and that’s designed to make the whole process easier and stop anyone else using your phone and Siri for their own pleasure.

You simply have to say ‘Hey Siri’ three times to the phone and make two additional commands.


Siri will then use new technology to recognise your individual voice, with the whole thing taking less than 60 seconds to complete.

Quite if this actually really improves Siri remains to be seen, and you can probably expect the ‘I’m not sure what you said there’ to still come up a few times.

The upgraded Siri will however provide ‘proactive assistance’, meaning pre-emptive notifications for things like dates on your calendar, and also answer contextual questions.

New Siri will be available from 16th September when iOS 9 becomes available to download.