Apple Warn iPhone Users Of This New Text And Email Scam


Apple have warned iPhone users to be wary of a new phishing scam which tricks users into handing over their personal information through iCloud.

People hit by the scam are receiving an unsolicited message which claims to be from Apple, asking them to immediately change their Apple ID password before it expires.

It looks something like this:

Apple have urged users not to click on the link, which opens to a webpage that requests your iCloud username and password.

The scam can be pretty convincing to the unwary, as it uses the recipient’s real first and last name.

If you do happen to click on it, expect to be directed to an unofficial but legitimate-looking website –, where you’ll be asked to input your username and password.


If you put in your information, users are told their accounts have been locked for ‘security reasons,’ and are directed to enter other personal information – like address and credit card details – in order to ‘unlock’ their account, security expert Graham Cluley told The Independent.

Of course, it’s all part of an elaborate phishing scam to get people to hand over personal information that can be used by hackers.

There have previously been reports of this scam making its rounds over email as well, but it seems as though it’s now being primarily sent by text.

If you get this text, just delete it.