Arby’s Employee Fired After Putting Homophobic Slur On Couple’s Bill

by : Hannah Smith on : 11 Jun 2021 16:33
Arby's Employee Fired After Putting Homophobic Slur On Couple's BillCraig Gray/Facebook/PA Images

An Arby’s worker has been fired after reportedly printing a homophobic slur on the receipt of a gay couple who visited the restaurant.

John Burns and Craig Gray had visited the restaurant in Lafayette, Indiana last weekend when they noticed the slur printed in place of the order name.


The couple immediately reported the incident to management, with a spokesperson for the chain saying the employee in question was fired ‘minutes after’.

Receipt (Craig Gray/Facebook)WLFI18

Speaking to local news station WLFI18, Burns said that the employee had been ‘really nice’ while serving him and his partner, adding that he was ‘shocked’ when he read the receipt.

‘The kid seem like he was new on the job and he was really nice,’ he said. ‘This young man has learned this behavior somewhere. You know, there are some people out there that don’t get people out there are like this and that’s wrong.’


In a statement, an spokesperson for Arby’s said that incident was ‘unacceptable and not a part of the Arby’s brand’, and confirmed they had reached out to the couple to apologise.

Burns said he was especially disappointed to be the target of homophobia during Pride Month, and in an interview with WTHR explained that he decided to speak up to show others in the LGBTQ+ community that they shouldn’t have to tolerate similar behaviour.

John Burns and Craig Gray were targeted by slur (WTHR/Facebook)WTHR/Facebook

‘I realised, you know, this doesn’t affect me the way that it would affect some other people, so [I felt] kind of obligated to speak up for those who can’t speak up,’ he said.


After leaving the restaurant, the couple posted a photo of the receipt to Facebook, where it has since received hundreds of shares and comments expressing support.

Pride Lafayette President Ashley Smith said the incident highlighted the continued daily homophobia faced by gay couples:

What did this person think when he did this, he or she? Did they feel like they got fired because they got in trouble or got told on by some customers? Do they realize the gravity of what they did?

Smith also urged LGBTQ+ people and allies to ‘stand up’ if they noticed people engaging in homophobic behaviour. ‘You stand up and you say this is not ok,’ she said, adding, ‘What else can be done, in the moment, if you see this happen you can’t just ignore it.’


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