Archaeologists Unearthed An Ancient Meme And It’s Pretty Inspirational


If you thought memes were a creation of the Internet Age, then I hate to be a dick, but you’re very far mistaken. 

And if for some bizarre reason you needed proof – then here it is, as uncovered by archaeologists on the Turkish-Syrian border.

According to the Hurriyet Daily News, the ‘reckless skeleton’ derives from the 3rd Century BC and simply means ‘Be Cheerful, Live Your Life’ – Yolo.

One of the archaeologists who uncovered the inspirational meme back in April explained:

In the middle scene, there is a sundial and a young clothed man running towards it with a bare-headed butler behind. The sundial is between 9pm and 10pm – 9pm is the bath time in the Roman period.

He has to arrive at supper at 10pm. Unless he can, it is not well received. There is writing on the scene that reads he is late for supper and writing about time on the other.

In the last scene, there is a reckless skeleton with a drinking pot in his hand along with bread and a wine pot. The writing on it reads ‘Be cheerful and live your life.

This skeleton isn’t attending supper. Instead, he’d rather ‘be cheerful and living life’, like some kind of ancient stoner who’s rife with wisdom.

Turns out even back in the old days people found skeletons and memes pretty damn hilarious as you can see below:


You guys…