Archery Tag Is Now A Thing And It Blows Paintball Out Of The Water

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Paintball fans move over.

There is now a new game in town and it looks set to enthral people everywhere, with it looking like a mixture of an archery contest, a paintball game and a spot of dodgeball.

The idea of Archery Tag is basically for two teams to face-off against each other in a room, trying to shoot each other with arrows using, yeah, you guessed it, a bow.

In a format reminiscent of the Hunger Games, you have to charge into the middle of the room to get your arrows, but at least you are handed a bow before the game actually starts.

Before anyone starts to panic, the game actually looks a lot less painful than paintball, with the tips of the arrows made of foam, so having any Katniss moments are going to have to wait for the 2.0 version of the game.