Architects Unveil Plan To Turn Circle Line Into A Giant Travelator


It’s an unspoken law that whenever we see a travelator, we have to get on it. The ability to walk slightly faster than normal is usually too good an opportunity to pass up.

Now, some forward-thinking go-getters at architecture firm NBBJ have announced their plans to build a three-speed travelator to replace London Underground’s Circle Line. The plans are in response to a think tank’s challenge to come up with ways to make living in London easier. Apparently nobody came up with the idea of just moving the fuck out of London.

Aside from being quicker than the tube, the travelator would have the added benefit of being healthier than sitting in a stagnant carriage ferrying the walking dead through London’s underbelly.

Passengers would step into a ‘feeder’ lane that zips along at 9mph, slowing to 6mph, then 3mph at stations so people don’t fly off it at various angles. The pedestrian middle lane will carry you past a station at 6mph, and would hit its stride at 12mph. For the thrill seekers, there will also be a white-knuckle fast lane that catapults your towards your destination at up to 15mph. Power.

While it’s unlikely the plans will ever come to fruition, it’s still a pretty inventive way of solving London’s commuter crisis. Way to go, architecture!