Are These The Most Annoying Plane Passengers Ever?


Let’s face it, flying isn’t the most pleasant experience at the best of times, but it’s certainly not helped when you have to share the plane with people who’ve left any concept of hygiene at the cabin door.

And, unless you’ve got the fortune to be flying first class, you’ve probably experienced a fair few inconsiderate passengers in your time.

Now, people have taken to Instagram and Imgur to share photos of some of their worst experiences with fellow travellers.

Bored Panda have been kind enough to share some of the best examples of people forgetting all sense of decorum and decency the second they board a confined space with other humans.

Here’s just a selection of our favourites.

Feet on seats feature a lot…

Hopefully Stonie’s flight to SAN lacks a pair of these… #passengershaming

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As do people annoying the shit out of those sat behind them…


What the fuck?

Because why wouldn’t you take this guy on a plane?

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Oh come on!


Some passengers are definitely worse than others…

I’m sorry, do I know you?

What with this, and those lads who forced a plane to emergency land because they were being too rowdy, we’re starting to wonder if we should ever fly again.

Seriously everyone, can we just be cool?