Are We About To See The Darkest Walking Dead Scene Ever?


When The Walking Dead returned to our screens earlier this year we knew it wasn’t pulling any punches (Just ask Glenn) but things could be about to get a whole lot darker.

Fans of the hit zombie, sorry walker, show are worrying that the newest bad guy Negan is going to vent his wrath on another member of Rick’s survivors, namely little baby Judith.

People began to worry about Judith when the latest episode ended with the brutal Negan waiting for Rick to return home while holding his baby daughter, reports Uproxx.


Of course the showrunners wouldn’t really kill a baby would they? After all in the books Judith bit the bullet moments after being born so they’ve saved her once already.

Well according to executive producer Gale Anne Hurd they’ve not ruled out Negan introducing Judith to Lucille just yet.

She explained: 

He could kill her. He could not. He could show a tender side that’s gonna throw even more people off balance.

Chances are that Negan won’t murder Judith, after all he’s got a self-confessed code against hurting women and children. Not that it’s stopped him before but at least he pays lip service to it.

Of course if the Saviours’ leader kills Judith what will Rick do? Could it possibly force Rick to take a stand against the red scarfed scoundrel? Probably not…

Interestingly the show is having a bit of a rough patch at the moment in the ratings and a high profile murder could bring viewers back.

So who knows, maybe Negan could be about to make Judith one of the dead dead, as opposed to the walking dead. That joke died a death didn’t it.