Argos Is Selling Massive Inflatable Hot Tub For Cheapest Ever Price

Argos is selling a very reasonable hot tub.Intex/Argos

What could be more relaxing that basking in a hot tub and letting the bubbles carry your cares away?

Of course, for most of us, we have to head to a pricey gym for such a luxury; squeezing in awkwardly beside a big group of strangers.

However, even us non-celebs can now enjoy our very own back garden hot tub experience thanks to Argos, which is selling a Intex Pure Spa with Plunge Pool for a very nice £494.99.

Complete with 270 bubble jets, this is the perfect way to create your own back garden oasis.

Argos is selling a very reasonable hot tub.Intex/Argos

This deal is especially amazing when you consider it has been discounted from the full price of £1,249.99. Indeed, this is the lowest price this particular tub has ever gone for according to

According to a description on the Argos website:

Pool or Spa? Why choose! With the Intex PureSpa Bubble Massage with Pool you combine the relaxation of the PureSpa with the refreshment of a cool pool.

The blissful description continues:

The purespa bubble massage with pool combines the relaxation of the purespa with the refreshment of a cool pool.

Holding up to four adults, this 386 x 183 x 71cm blue coloured tub is perfect for post-BBQ drinks and can be purchased both in store and online.

However, if – like myself – you are saving your pennies for a well-deserved mates’ holiday, then you can always grab a Intex Inflatable Family Lounge Pool from Asda.

For a thrifty £30, this huge paddling pool includes four seats plus backrests and – of course – those all important bevvy holders.

Sadly, this bargain pool does not create its own bubbles. However, after a few chilled beers you can surely create some of your own.

According to the Asda website – where the pool has been awarded a five star rating – this is ‘the perfect way to relax with the family and enjoy the great outdoors’.

Argos is selling a very reasonable hot tub.Intex/Argos

If you are after a smaller tub – perhaps one which would be suitable for those steamy romantic nights in – then a 120 jet Intex Purespa 4 Person Spa is available from B&Q.

One satisfied customer declared this to be ‘good value’, stating:

I have now had this spa for almost a year and have not regretted buying it.

You can also treat yourself to a Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Palm Springs Inflatable Hot Tub with a 120 air jet massage system from Tesco for a reduced price of £449.99.

Argos is selling a very reasonable hot tub.20th Century Fox

One happy hot tub owner revealed:

Would highly recommend and two of our neighbours have already asked if we mind if they bought the same. Absolutely not, go for it and have some ultra relaxing fun.

According to Livestrong:

Hot water has traditionally been used as a therapeutic way to bring down your stress levels and relax after a busy, stressful day.

In fact, the National Sleep Foundation recommends soaking in a hot tub — or even a plain, hot bath if you don’t have access to a hot tub — as a way to relax, overcome anxiety and achieve better and deeper sleep.

Researchers at Washington State University’s National Aquatic & Sports Medicine Institute think it’s because hot water immersion helps balance the subsystems of your autonomic nervous system.

Argos is selling a very reasonable hot tub.Paramount Pictures

No more convincing needed…

With a price tag like this, it’s best to dive into your local Argos quick-sharp to avoid getting splashed with the bitter waters of disappointment…

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