Ariana Grande Suspends European Tour Following Manchester Terror Attack


Ariana Grande has suspended her European tour after the atrocious attack in Manchester last night that took the lives of 19 people and injured at least 56 others.

The explosion took place as the pop star’s show drew to a close, while fans – many of which were children – were exiting the arena to make their way home.

According to TMZ, the 23 year old star is too distraught to play so will not be performing in London on Thursday and will put her entire tour on hold.

Ariana Grande was scheduled to perform in venues across a host of European countries including England, Belgium and Germany.

In the hours after the attack, Grande broke her silence on social media, saying she is ‘broken and lost for words.

Grande’s manager, Scooter Braun, has also released a statement sending thoughts and prayers to those affected, and also thanking the emergency services for their dedication.