Artist Behind “PrayForParis” Symbol Doesn’t Want Fame


Jean Jullien the artist who painted the “Pray for Paris” symbol has said in an interview that he’s not looking to benefit from the symbol.

Mr Jullien, a London based artist, originally from Paris, has said that he didn’t intend to become famous saying: “I didn’t create it to get credit or benefit from it.”

The artist says that the now iconic ink circle containing the Eiffel Tower only took him a minute to draw.

Despite its simplicity the painting has gone on to become a viral symbol of peace and unity. The picture has been shared around the world and liked 160,000 times on Instagram.

Speaking with Mr Julien claimed the piece was a spontaneous reaction and said:

The first thing that came to me was the idea of peace, that we needed peace. I was trying to look for a symbol of Paris, and obviously the Eiffel Tower was the first thing that sprang to my mind. I just connected both of them.

Celebrities across the world have shared the image; including Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber, John Legend, Miranda Lambert, Katy Perry, Harry Styles and Fergie.

Despite his reluctance to step into the lime light Mr Jullien has said that he’s pleased that the symbol has brought so many people together.