Artist Crucifies Katie Hopkins To Raise Money For Syrian Refugees

by : UNILAD on : 14 Dec 2015 14:54

Just when we thought a bunch of university students had dealt with hate-filled rent-a-gob Katie Hopkins in the best way possible, a classically trained artist comes along and does this…


The artist hopes to raise funds for a charity supporting Syrian refugees by selling a painting of the controversial columnist being crucified. Brilliant.

The painting – which is based on ‘Christ Crucified’ by Renaissance artist Diego Velasquez – will now be sold off to raise money for the Children of Syria appeal.

The project – which was commissioned by Nobilified.com – will be selling the prints for charity and sending the original painting to Hopkins herself. I’m sure she’ll love that…


The painting is apparently inspired by her own words, when she described herself as ‘the Jesus of the outspoken’.

Founder of Nobilified.com said:

We thought that a court jester would be too obvious and decided that Lady Macbeth was too likeable. Then we remembered one of our favourite Katie Hopkins’ quotes, where she directly compares her place in British society to Jesus’ crucifixion.

Hopkins isn’t a stranger to spouting out unnecessarily controversial and ultimately bullshit opinions to the British public and this hasn’t been any different with the Syrian refugee crisis.

Back in April, she referred to refugees as ‘cockroaches’ as thousand were drowning off Europe’s coasts, called for ‘gunships’ to send the refugees back to their own war-torn countries and suggesting the photograph of Syrian child Alan Kurdi on the beach was staged. I have no words.

OK Magazine

One thing’s for sure – this portrait would make a wonderful Christmas present. You can pick them up here.

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