Artist Makes 20-Mile-Long Jon Snow Tribute


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If you thought waiting for the next season of Game of Thrones was an endurance test, try being this guy who walked 20 miles in deep snow to create this huge, icy tribute to the show.

Simon Beck walked all day and night through the French Alps to create the House Stark emblem, measuring two and a half football pitches.

And, with just a compass and a set of drawings as his map, Beck, who is renowned for using land as his canvas, trudged a total of 64,800 steps on snowshoes for 13 hours to create the massive direwolf.

Beck created the work of art by ‘measuring a skeleton of accurately plotted lines that go through the drawing.’ Once he had enough points measured out, he walked around in a ‘join up the dots process’.

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In the video, he said:

The following day, I don’t really know what it’s going to look like. And there’s always a feeling of anticipation. I walk towards the edge and look over, and there it is in front of me. You see it for the first time. You never forget that feeling.

As part of a promotion for Sky Atlantic (which airs GoT in the UK), Beck says he chose the direwolf as a tribute to – SEASON FIVE SPOILER ALERT – the fallen Jon Snow.

Sky Atlantic director Zai Bennett told the Guardianit was the ‘perfect tribute to a truly epic TV show’.

Season six will debut on Sky Atlantic at 2am in the UK on 25 April.

And, if you can’t stay up that late on a Monday morning, the premiere will air again at 9pm later that day. Just watch out for spoilers!