Artist Peels $120,000 Banana Off Gallery Wall And Eats It

by : Julia Banim on : 08 Dec 2019 12:54
Artist Bananadavid_datuna/Instagram

I’m currently on the lookout for a nice print for my flat which I can hang up without making any marks on the wall.

And it seems as if I could well look the height of sophistication and good taste by simply digging a banana out of the fridge and taping it to the wall.


Yep. An artwork consisting of an overripe banana duct-taped to a wall has sold for $120,000 (£91,000) before being eaten by a separate performance artist. And it’s times like this that I wonder whether an art degree would have been a better investment than journalism school.

You can watch the artwork being chomped at below:


Entitled ‘Comedian’, Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan’s controversial banana could be seen at the international gallery Perrotin at Art Basel in Miami.


However, those hoping to get a glimpse of the original banana are in for a disappointment. The extravagant fruit has since disappeared down the throat of performance artist David Datuna.

As reported by the Miami Herald, Datuna chomped down the snack/artwork in full view of art lovers.

Footage of the extortionately priced afternoon snacking session has been uploaded to Datuna’s Instagram account, with the following caption:

Artist Bananadavid_datuna/Instagram

However, despite no longer existing, the artwork is reportedly still as valuable as ever, with director of museum relations Lucien Terras telling the Miami Herald:

He did not destroy the art work. The banana is the idea.

Banana Artwork ComedianPA

The banana reportedly comes with a certificate of authenticity, with the fruit – obviously – not being made to last.


Terras continued:

This has brought a lot of tension and attention to the booth and we’re not into spectacles,

But the response has been great. It brings a smile to a lot of people’s faces.

As reported by the Miami Herald, gallery owner Emmanuel Perrotin had been preparing to head to the airport when he heard the art had been consumed. He was said to be ‘clearly upset’ after returning to the space, even when a fair goer attempted to lift his spirits by offering him his own banana.


The incident was reported to gallery security, but Datuna – who was wisely escorted from the gallery before he got peckish again – was not arrested.

Perrotin and a gallery assistant fixed another banana to the wall shortly after the incident.

When I think about the amount of bananas I’ve let go brown and mushy in the bottom of my bag, I honestly feel sick. Turns out I was carting about a priceless masterpiece the entire time…

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  1. Miami Herald

    Someone ate the $120,000 banana at Art Basel. Some quick thinking saved the day

  2. david_datuna/Instagram


  3. Miami Herald

    Someone ate the $120,000 banana at Art Basel. Some quick thinking saved the day