Artist Who Designed Image Used In Horrific Greta Thunberg Sexual Assault Sticker Speaks Out

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Artist Who Designed Image Used In Horrific Greta Thunberg Sexual Assault Sticker Speaks OutPA/@canallaggtattoo/Instagram

The artist whose tattoo design was allegedly used to create a sexually-violent cartoon sticker about Greta Thunberg has spoken out.

A disturbing image, appearing to depict a cartoon Thunberg unclothed with braids being pulled back by large hands allegedly began doing the rounds at a Canada-based oil drilling company called X-site Energy Services.


While the company has insisted that it had nothing to do with creating the offensive sticker, the artist behind the original work of art has revealed his disgust at his images supposedly being used in such a way.

Artist Who Designed Image Used In Horrific Greta Thunberg Sexual Assault Sticker Speaks Out@canallaggtattoo/Instagram

‘They stole my design,’ German artist Gabriel Canalla wrote on Instagram. ‘I never make my drawing with that purpose.’

He added:


That sticker X-Site made was originally a tattoo design made by me. Of course, it was never meant to be used for that purpose. X-site not only stole my tattoo design and made it a logo/sticker, but also used it for that disgusting purpose. It sucks.

Velocity Graphics, a company that had previously designed for the oil drilling company, has also denied having any involvement with the creation of the cartoon in a Facebook post.

Greta ThunbergPA Images

The post read:


To clarify speculation we did NOT print or have any involvement in the Greta decals. In order to protect our reputation we ask that people carefully choose what they say. Thanks for your support.

The image was investigated by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, who determined the cartoon is not considered child pornography, telling Huff Post: ‘According to our experts, the image does not meet the criteria for it to constitute a criminal offence’.

X-Site General Manager Doug Sparrow also confirmed to City News Edmonton his company had shut down all social media operations due to attacks while also reiterating neither X-Site nor any of its employees was involved in making the sticker.


Thunberg herself has weighed in on the debate over the graphic image, telling her followers that it simply means her opposition is getting desperate.

Taking to Twitter, Thunberg wrote:

They are starting to get more and more desperate. This shows that we’re winning.

Despite her calm and collected response, many of the 17-year-old’s supporters are understandably disgusted over the sticker’s creation.


‘Those oil company execs who made that sticker of Greta Thunberg, A Child, engaging in sexual activity deserve to [be] fired,’ one woman vented on Twitter, adding, ‘F*cking perverts’.

‘F*cking oil company thinks they’re funny for depicting the sexual assault of a child huh?’ another raged. ‘F*ck you, you are the reason this world is a piece of sh*t right now. That sticker was a petty and cowardly attempt at firing back at Greta and whoever drew it should be ashamed’.

No matter which side of the environmental debate you’re on, it is never okay to incite violence against women. Props to Greta for handling such a hideous situation so calmly.

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German Gabriel Canalla/Instagram
  1. German Gabriel Canalla/Instagram


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