David Cameron Has Axed His Own Mum’s Job With Latest Tory Cuts


The Tory government has become pretty renown for brutally cutting pretty much any public service since they came into power in 2010.

As a result there have been a load of job losses across the UK, but it seems the PM’s own family aren’t even immune from them.

The children’s centre where David Cameron’s mum works is being shut by the Tories, the Daily Mirror revealed.

Mary Cameron was battling to stop her son from axing the vital free services and put her name to a campaign which was hopeful of saving several children’s centres which were set to be closed by the Conservative-led Oxfordshire county council.

The petition had been signed thousands, but it didn’t stop the local Tory council from confirming the closure of Chieveley and Area Children’s Centre in Berkshire at the end of the month.


The 81-year-old former magistrate told of her disappointment at the decision that will leave poorer families worse off.

Speaking to The Mirror, Mary said:

I am very sad that it is being closed down but if there’s not enough money to pay for it things have to go. I enjoy it very much and have been going there for a year and drive families around occasionally. I’m don’t really know what can be done really as I’ve just heard about it. If it closes down then I shan’t be volunteering because there will be no one to volunteer for. If it keeps going at all I will obviously go on helping if I can.

Well it seems David Cameron’s own brand of bullshit doesn’t run in his family, as the PM’s aunt Clare Currie has also campaigned against the closures.

But now the closure has now been announced, it leaves Mary – who works a few hours a week volunteering – without a job as the children’s centre closure is part of West Berkshire council’s £300,000 cost saving measures.


If only there was a way David could have do something about this. Oh wait…