ASDA And Sainsbury’s Could Merge Into ‘Super-Supermarket’ In £10 Billion Deal

by : UNILAD on : 28 Apr 2018 13:49

Sainsbury’s and Asda are deep in unexpected talks which may see the two supermarkets merging together making them significantly more powerful.


The move would make them a helluva bigger threat to their rivals, Tesco, who are currently the leader of the UK market.

If the £10 billion deal comes together it is thought that the hybrid company will send shockwaves throughout the entire market.

According to Sky News, the deal could occur as soon as Monday.


However as big as this news is, there are a lot of uncertainties such as weather Asda will merge into Sainsbury’s or vice versa.

A second huge uncertainty is what their proposals to set up the ‘super-supermarket’ would be to the Competition and Markets Authority.


Worryingly, some analysts believe that it would be impossible for the deal to go ahead without closing hundreds of stores.

One reason for the possible merge is the intense pressure on British retailers from online grocers who don’t have to deal with the same fixed costs of bricks and mortar‎ players.

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Sky News
  1. Sky News

    Sainsbury's and Asda in talks about shock £10bn grocery merger