ASOS Workers ‘Pee In Staff Water Fountains’ Because Breaks Are So Short


The long working hours at one warehouse have allegedly resulted in some pretty out there responses from ASOS staff, who have claimed they are being forced to urinate in the water fountains because their breaks are not long enough to cover a visit to the bathroom!

The GMB Union say that workers at the clothing company’s South Yorkshire distribution centre are under such pressure to prepare orders that they don’t have even have time for toilet breaks.

According to the GMB, the 4,000 staff at the distribution centre in Barnsley have to pick 65 items per hour and around 800 each shift.


ASOS, however, have refuted those claims saying that GMB are using outdated information in a bid to encourage more workers to sign up.

Pickers have been informed in the past that p*ssing “in water fountains and in the aisles was ‘not allowed'”, according to one worker who spoke to the Mirror, who added he wasn’t sure what the company’s motivation was for saying that, questioning if they may have realised their pick rate was set unreasonably high.

The same source claims there are areas of the Barnsley centre where it’s a “15 minute round trip to use the lavatories”, but ASOS refute that and say any bathroom is within four minutes walking distance and workers are permitted to use them at any time during their shift.


This isn’t the only aspect of work at the centre which the GMB are fighting against. They have claimed “employees are forced to work in draconian conditions on a daily basis”, with issues of health and safety such as hot working conditions and a lack of access to water (although wouldn’t that reduce the need to pee?).

Whatever the reason, as protests against working conditions go, this is definitely one of the wildest we’ve seen in a while!