Brutal Assassination Of World Kickboxing Champion Caught On CCTV

by : Tom Percival on : 06 Nov 2016 14:57

Dramatic CCTV footage has recorded the moment an assassin shot and killed a two-times world kickboxing champion before calmly strolling away. 


43-year-old Dzhabrail Dzhabrailov died of gunshot wounds to his chest after being shot by someone The Mirror allege knew him in a row over money.

The footage shows Dzhabrailov falling out of the driver’s side door of a car and into a snowy car park before the alleged gunman gets out of the car and leaves the scene of the crime.


Russian police believe they’ve arrested a suspect who was trying to get on a plane to Baku in Azerbaijan.


According to one report the suspect is a 31-year old man who’s believed to have driven to a shopping centre in the car, during the journey the pair had an argument about money.

Officials are now testing a Makarov pistol, the suspected murder weapon, which was recovered by police and is said to have been ‘illegally obtained’.


A local news agency reported Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs spokeswoman Irina Volk as saying:

Yesterday evening the body of a 43-year-old male who died as the result of gunshot wounds was found in one of the parking lots at a shopping centre in the south-western district of the capital.

“The identity of the man has been confirmed as a two-time world kickboxing champion native to the North Caucasus region.

Dzhabrailov was a two-time world kickboxing champion and competed as a successful professional boxer, winning the Russian and WBC international light-heavyweight titles.

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    Assassin casually strolls away after shooting dead two-time world kickboxing champion and pal in snowy car park