Astrologer Claims Full Moon Could Spark Mass Shootings In Bizarre Rant


In some of the weirder news this week, an astrologer is claiming that a full moon before the summer solstice could lead to chaos and mass shootings.

In a 40 minute video posted earlier today, Timothy Halloran explains how the impending full moon on Monday, June 20, could lead to death and destruction across the planet.


During the really bizarre monologue, Timothy explains on his YouTube channel – Rasa Lila Healing – that ‘Neptune is about to turn retrograde’, which apparently indicates ‘change’ and ‘endings’. Riiight…

He went on to claim that the year 2016 is ‘the year of adjustment, of purification, of rectification’, before trying to link the alignment of the planets with pretty important issues – like the U.S. presidential race for example.

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Timothy added: 

This is a critical time, energetically, this is a time where people go off the deep end, people lose control, people do go on shooting sprees, people do have to run into total insanity.

And which planet do we have to thank for all this impending destruction? Saturn, apparently. With Halloran adding: “Saturn has been very powerful…saying this is what we need to look at, you can’t escape reality right now.”


To be fair, with all the horrible shit going on in the world right now and the terrifying possibility of Boris Johnson and Donald Trump leading two of the world’s leading nations, you could probably take a punt on our doomed future.