At Least 10 Reported Dead In Ohio Shooting, Hours After Texas Walmart Massacre

At Least 10 Reported Dead In Ohio Shooting, Hours After Texas Walmart MassacreMollyR247Now/Twitter

At least 10 people have died after a gunman opened fire in Ohio, hours after a mass shooting at a Walmart in Texas.

The tragic killings in Ohio are believed to have taken place in the Oregon District, downtown Dayton, just after 1am local time.

Initial reports suggest 24 people have also been injured in the senseless attack.

Witnesses described ‘casualties everywhere’ and a ‘white man dressed all in black’.

As reported by WHIOTV, an eyewitness called James Williams wrote on Facebook:

Sad people are not right. I’m safe. Happened right in front of the patio where I was sitting in front of Neds. The guy in front of Ned Peppers’ door is the active shooter.

He tried to go into the bar but did not make it through the door. Someone took the gun from him and he got shot and is dead.

There are at least eight people dead right by the picnic table where I was on the street. A bunch of people taken to the hospital. I don’t know how any… this place is a disaster.

Another witness took to a Facebook live to describe the chaos, as reported by the MailOnline, he said:

[The shooter] came up with an AR-15, had a vest on, earmuffs, just started blowing bullets everywhere. I’m safe. There is casualties everywhere.

A spokesperson for Kettering Health Network confirmed the hospital has received victims from the shooting, however they are yet to release any information on numbers of patient conditions as their focus is on treating the patients at this time, WHIOTV reports.

The shooting comes just hours after at least 20 people were killed in a Walmart shopping centre in El Paso, Texas.

A gunman opened fire killing ‘multiple’ people who were doing their shopping at the Cielo Vista Mall, according to the town’s mayor, Dee Margo.

Police said the suspect, a 21-year-old man, was a resident of the Dallas-area city of Allen, about 650 miles east of El Paso. He is now in custody.

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