At Least 50 Killed At Religious Festival After Police Open Fire On Protesters


More than 50 people have been killed after police opened fire on protesters at a religious festival in Ethiopia. 

Thousands of religious people had gathered by a sacred lake in Ethiopia for a celebration, known as the Ireecha ceremony, marking the end of the rainy season, reports the BBC.

However protesters quickly turned the event incredibly violent, throwing glass bottles and stones at the crowds, and making anti-government signs with their hands.

Police then decided to open fire, shooting tear gas grenades into the crowds and charging towards them with batons in their hands.

As expected, the crowds fled. However, the stampede led to a ditch where countless people fell on top of one another – crushing each other to death.

It is thought that at least 50 people were killed in the catastrophic disaster.

One of the protesters said:

This government are dictators, there is no equality or freedom of speech. There is only Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). That’s why we must protest today.

Ethiopia is currently facing the largest anti-government protests in its history.

Our thoughts go out to all those involved in this tragic incident.