Attention: A Chocolate Covered Beer And Bacon Battered Deep Fried Ice Cream Sandwich Exists


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Just when you think food cannot get anymore weird and wonderful, someone goes and creates a chocolate covered beer and bacon battered deep fried ice cream sandwich.

Yep, you’re torn aren’t you, between thinking it’s the most amazing thing you have ever heard of in your life, and thinking that it literally is a heart attack on a plate. It’s probably somewhere in the middle, as things like that so often are.

The mastermind behind the food conglomeration of dreams (or nightmares, depending on which you prefer) is Nick, the man who runs Dude Foods.

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Nick spoke about the ice cream wonder and claimed:

I just had a few ice cream sandwiches left in my freezer… and as I was about to eat one I got to thinking about how it’s been a while since I deep fried anything with beer and bacon batter.

Nick, you’re our hero. You’re probably also about to put us into a food coma.