Attention: People In Japan Now Have Baths In Wine


Be prepared for a serious case of envy, because the people of Japan can now bathe in wine. Yeah, you read that right. They can take a bath in a pool of wine.

Now to me, that sounds pretty amazing, and probably worth a trip to Hakone Kowakien Yunessun, the place in Tokyo where dreams are made.

The wine is lukewarm, and not the only thing that you can take a dip in, with the pool looking like a combination of a bath and an actual swimming pool.

I’d be heading straight to the wine bath myself, but the green tea one also looks like the detox of dreams. Until someone takes a wee in it that is.

wine bath2

wine bath 3

wine bath

According to the people of Japan, bathing in wine isn’t enough – they also want to bathe in coffee, which you can do, but looking at the footage, that might be one step too far for most people given it looks like filthy water.