Attention: This Artist Makes The Creepiest Cakes You Will Ever See

caek9Christine McConnell

Christine McConnell is a seriously talented artist.

Not only does she paint pretty flawless pictures, she is also quite handy at designing cakes – but not your average cake.

Oh, no. Christine makes seriously creepy cakes, that are enough to make you do a double take.

cakecreep5Christine McConnell

Her cakes are all displayed on her Instagram page, and are something to behold.

From spiders to haunted castles, she even keeps in costume when making the cakes, which look like they could take centre stage on Halloween.

cakecreep6Christine McConnell
cakecreepChristine McConnell
cakecreep3Christine McConnell

Quite if they taste as good as they look is another matter altogether, but really, the gothic creations are too good to eat anyway!