Attention: You’ve Been Applying Your Deodorant All Wrong

by : UNILAD on : 27 Jul 2015 22:14

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Sweat patches are a f*cking nightmare.


While all antiperspirants promise that they will get rid of them and cure you of the embarrassing issue, in reality, more often than not, throughout the day, you can feel yourself sweating and know there are those giveaway marks under your arms.

Well that could be a thing of the past, because according to The Verge, there is a way to prevent patches appearing on your clothes, and it’s really simple.

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There hasn’t been any earth-shattering new invention in the deodorant world, Lynx haven’t gone above and beyond with their development. No, it literally is all about how you apply the deodorant – but more to the point, where you put it.


All you have to do to remain sweat free is to apply it before you go to bed, and not in the morning like most people do, because that’s when all your pores are clogged up.

Who knew there was such a simple and easy way to stay smelling fresh? The answer to that is the people who read the instructions apparently, with most antiperspirants advising you put it on before bed. Amazing.

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