Aussie Commentates On This Week’s UNILAD Submissions #2



It’s that time of week again ladies and gents… I have sifted through the video inbox to look at your quality, quality, earth-shattering submissions. Ok, I may be kissing your arse a bit too much there.

Yeah nah, it’s been pretty cool week though. Check out me Facebook page for more shit: Ozzy Man Reviews

Here’s my commentary vid if ya haven’t seen it yet. Below are a bunch of credits for the people who submitted.


YouTube links:

Scenic motorbike trip + fitness

Phone case and selfie stick in one product

Das Boot: fucken drinking game of some sort

Misc Submissions:

Lauren – Classy Birthday Boy On The Toilet
Faris – Pool Handstand
Brendan – Beautiful Sunset
Lily – Stocking Tug Of War
Gareth – Sid the Kitten vs Fly
Owen – Jumping on a Tent
Katie – Drunk Leapfrog
Brian – Kayak Adventures
Shirley – Haunted House