Aussie Firefighter Who Told PM To ‘Get F*cked’ Claims He’s Been Sacked

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Aussie Firefighter Who Told PM To 'Get F*cked' Claims He's Been Sacked7News

The firefighter behind a viral video telling the Australian Prime Minster to ‘get f*cked’ claims he’s been sacked for what he said. 

Paul Parker’s rant while battling the blazes in New South Wales came off the back of the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, saying fire fighter volunteers shouldn’t get paid because they ‘enjoyed’ what they did.


Morrison also came under fire for taking a holiday to Hawaii during the bush fire crisis – something which he later apologised for.

You can watch the interview where Paul claims he was sacked here: 


The original rant in which Paul called the Prime Minister a ‘f*ckhead’ was aired by 7News as they covered the devastating bushfires.


Paul said:

Are you from the media? Go and tell the Prime Minister to go and get f*cked from Nelligen.

We really enjoy doing this shit, f*ckhead.

Following his explicit rant, Paul was told he was ‘finished’ and therefore believed he had been sacked form his volunteer job with the RFS.

Aussie Firefighter Who Told PM To 'Get F*cked' Claims He's Been SackedNetwork 10

Speaking to The Project on Sunday, he said: 

The message I got was it’s about time to brought the truck back because we were just about to send the police to go look for you. Then there were further comments with gestures and arm movements saying I’m ‘finished’, it’s all over.

Another captain from Bateman’s Bay came out and I asked him a question, and I said ‘what’s going on?’ and he said ‘you’re finished because of your allegations and foul language against the Prime Minster of the country while representing the RFS.’

Paul was asked apparently to take time off during the bushfires due to exhaustion, and not because he was sacked.

Aussie Firefighter Who Told PM To 'Get F*cked' Claims He's Been Sacked7News

The New South Wales fire service tweeted:

The NSW RFS is aware of reports concerning the status of volunteer member Paul Parker from the Nelligen area.

We can confirm Paul remains a member of the NSW RFS and has not been dismissed.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has also spoken out about Paul’s rant, and claims he’s ‘pleased’ Paul hasn’t lost his job.


As per the MailOnline, the Australian Prime Minister said:

There should never be any question about whether he should have been fired or not, of course, he shouldn’t.

I understand Paul was feeling incredibly exhausted, and incredibly drained by those events and he was working his tail off defending his community.

Despite the fire service denying Paul’s sacking, he says he is yet to hear anything from them on the matter.

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Speaking to The Project on Monday, Paul said he hadn’t heard ‘a single thing’ from them, adding he’d had 39 phone calls none of which was from RFS.

He also no longer wants to be part of the RFS after being told he was ‘finished’:

After what happened to me on that day? No, it broke my heart.

You know, I was doing everything I possibly could do to protect my community and to be told that, it devastated me.

Both the RFS and Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons have said they had been trying to contact Paul.

New South Wales FirePA Images

Aussie Firefighter Tells PM Scott Morrison To ‘Go And Get F*cked’

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While the bushfires are still happening in Australia, recent rainfall is believed to have massively impacted them and ‘significantly assisted’ the reduction of the fires in New South Wales in particular.

Two ‘mega fires’ north and south of Sydney were officially extinguished by the rain, officials said. Both fires had been burning since November, and had scorched around 500,000 hectares of land each.

Hopefully the rainfall gave firefighters like Paul a well deserved break.

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