Aussie Firefighters Break Into Smiles And Dance As Rain Falls On Bushfire Area

by : Emma Rosemurgey on : 27 Nov 2019 07:50
Aussie Firefighters Break Into Smiles And Dance As Rain Falls On Bushfire AreaLeongatha Fire Brigade/Facebook

After weeks of battling intense bushfires, firefighters in Australia have finally been given a reason to smile as rain begins to fall over the scorched woodland areas.

And what do you do when you’ve been working all hours, risking for your life to protect lives, wildlife and homes, and you finally get some rain? Well, of course, you burst into song and dance.


You can watch the moment the Leongatha Fire Brigade broke into dance, elated with the rainfall, here:


The emotional clip shows the rescue workers unable to wipe the grins from their faces after more than a month of battling it out on the front line in an attempt to curb the flames ravaging the dry plains across the country.

They shared the video to social media, writing:


This is our crew in Rollands Plains in NSW at the moment with some very happy locals who have been on edge for over a month.

This local has also been helping cook meals for all the Fire Fighters and locals that have been forced from their homes for the past two weeks.

Aussie Firefighters Break Into Smiles And Dance As Rain Falls On Bushfire AreaLeongatha Fire Brigade/Facebook

Alongside the firefighters is a woman who has been cooking meals for firefighters and locals who had been kicked out of their homes as a result of the treacherous flames.

While the rain is undoubtedly incredible news for these firefighters and residents living in the local area, the storm which rolled across New South Wales caused frustration for others living in the state.


The New South Wales Rural Fire Service tweeted yesterday:

Not exactly what we wanted to see. NSW has been hit by a number of storms this afternoon, with numerous lightning strikes recorded.

Some areas also saw some rain others not as fortunate. More than 80 fires are burning across NSW, 50 are yet to be brought under control.

Lightning is often cited as a big cause of bushfires in Australia, so there’s fear among those living in the country that the storms could bring yet more devastation.


Firefighters’ Footage Shows How Bushfires Can Overrun Area In Minutes

published at2 years ago

Here’s to hoping the rain Down Under puts an end to the bushfires once and for all and restores the country to its ordinary state.

Our thoughts are with everyone affected by the bushfires.

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Leongatha Fire Brigade/Facebook
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