Aussie Woman Pushes Police Officer Into The Bushes, Is Instantly Arrested

Yahoo 7 News

Australia’s Melbourne Cup always proves to be a high point of the Aussie sporting calendar, with an annual turnout of over a hundred thousand revellers.

Billed as a gentlemanly occasion – the nation’s premier horse racing event, no less – the Cup has nevertheless won itself a reputation for hedonism in recent years.

This is largely due to the heroic amount of alcohol its attendees consume over the course of the day, as well as the mischief and tomfoolery this naturally leads to.

And this year didn’t disappoint, as footage has emerged of one woman who took it upon herself to push an on-duty police officer into the bushes.


While he was on the phone.

Her joy lasted all of about three seconds, before two other cops grabbed her and frogmarched her away for questioning.

It’s believed the twenty-something woman has since been charged with assaulting a police officer, after the impact of the fall broke Act Supt Cooper’s glasses.

Five others were also arrested during the course of the event, for offences ranging from trespassing to drunken behaviour.

Stay classy, Melbourne.