Australian Family Freaked Out By Discovery Hiding In Water Meter


Once upon a time I made the mistake of leaving a protein shaker with about a quarter of my shake still sealed inside. 

For over a month my shaker sat on my bedroom table until what I can only describe as a scent reminiscent of raw sewage began to be the only thing I could smell. Honestly – it was the worst smell I have ever, ever inhaled.

Think death. No, worse than death. Think the rotting corpse of a human who was swimming through a lake of faecal matter when he died. It was just about that bad.


At first I thought it was the drains outside my house, later I started to think something had died in the gutter by my window. Never once did I think it was the protein shaker until I accidentally knocked it over and spilt its, literally, gut wretching stink all over my floor.

Eventually and after several bottles of Febreeze the smell passed, but now you know that I’ve made my fair share of shocking discoveries then know that I was pretty damn disgusted when I saw what this family in Australia discovered in their water meter.


Imgur user Robbie1249 uploaded the above picture to the website looking for some advice on what the hell it was.

He captioned the post:

Imgur, can you help? My parent’s opened their water meter box for the first time in ages, and found this inside. We have no idea what it is. The box is probably 20x40cm. There were flies buzzing around but no other animals we can see. Kinda afraid to remove it until we know what it is. Edit: we live in Brisbane, Australia

Brilliant. What looks like a spiders web drizzled in death in none other than Australia. Of course this terrifying find just happened to come from Australia.

As with all things on the Internet, commenters were quick to offer a fuck-tonne of answers ranging from ‘hallucinogenic fungus’ and ‘alien parasites’ to ‘that will kill you’.


But finally the truth came out with one user claiming the weird entity was a Tetragonula carbonaria nest – native to Australia.

Tetragonula carbonaria are a mysterious species of stingless bees.

At the minute the post has since been viewed over 200,000 times which just proves how much us humans love a freakshow.

Hopefully Robbie’s got round to removing it by now but I wouldn’t blame him if he hasn’t.

Although they’re stingless I still wouldn’t want to get my hands stuck into that beast. No way Jose.