Australian Football Fan Travels 10,000 Miles To Watch Team, Match Is Called Off

Bradford City FC

It’s the stuff of football fans’ nightmares – an Australian Southend United supporter travelled 10,000 miles to watch his team, only for it to be called off.

Andrew Urry, who lives in Brisbane, travelled to Bradford on Saturday to join the away fans in the stadium, but the match was postponed due to a waterlogged pitch.

Speaking to the BBC, Andrew said:

We were told as the coach pulled up outside the stadium. I got off the coach to have a couple of pictures taken outside the away turnstile, and then we were straight back on the road again.

Gutted! At least he smiled through the pain though…

Andrew used to live in Southend back in the day and the nostalgic coach journey was expected to be the highlight of his trip to Europe, but it really went tits up thanks to the wet weather.

Still, at least Andrew got a signed football for his troubles, so it wasn’t a completely wasted trip.

Fortunately, Andrew is sticking around in the UK for a little while longer so he should get the chance to check out the Shrimpers’ next few home games live. After all, the weather can’t stay this shit for much longer. Can it?