Australian Pranksters Hit New Low By Pointing AK47 At Child


There are apparently no depths desperate pranksters won’t sink to in their collective bids to go viral.

Australian trio the ‘Jalals’ achieved notoriety online for a series of gags where they threw backpacks at unsuspecting members of the public while dressed head to toe in Islamic robes, posing as terrorists.

Well if terrorist pranks weren’t already in poor taste then the group made sure of crossing that line by staging a fake drive-by shooting, during which they point a fake AK47 at a petrified child in Melbourne.


The adult with the child was hardly any comfort for her either. You could barely see him for dust!

They have attempted to defend the gag on YouTube by claiming they made it up to the child afterwards.


Hmmmm. She didn’t look like she jumped out at the last second, and she was clearly visible to whoever poked the toy gun out the window.

According to the Daily Mirror police are investigating the video produced by Max Jalal, 19, Arman Jalal, 18, and Rebeen Jalal, 16.

A spokesperson said:

Victoria Police is aware of the video posted on social media. Given the community and broader impact, Victoria Police condemns the behaviours exhibited in the video/s regardless of the intent in their manufacture.

As the material forms part of an ongoing investigation, we are not in a position to comment further at this time.

Some social media users are condeming the videos too:

Jack Jones has already proven karma is a bitch, so the Jalals may want to quit while they are already behind.