Australian Pub Brawl Breaks Out After UFC 194


Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 10.54.43 am

A pub in Melbourne turned into the UFC octagon yesterday after the 13-second featherweight title ended. More than six punters were in on the brawl. 

The fight was at Ringwood’s Manhattan Hotel on Canterbury Road in Melbourne.

Fist, kicks, chairs, and tables appear to fly all over the place as the fight peaks. It lasted close to two minutes and security was nowhere to be seen.

The video was originally posted on Facebook and the man who filmed it said: “I didn’t get an invite for the fight so I just filmed it, lasted way longer than the main event fight.”

Here’s the video:

The pub owner refuses to comment on the brawl.

Victoria police arrived at the scene but those involved had already moved on, with no remaining patrons wanting to make a complaint.

Perhaps the pub should set up a PPV system for future amateur scraps.