Authorities Warn UK Public Not To Take ‘Storm Selfies’ In Bad Weather Tonight


Because nobody can be trusted to use their common sense anymore, authorities have actually had to issue a warning, telling people not to go outside and try and take selfies during Storm Barney tonight.

Yes, there’s a storm a comin’ – high winds of up to 70mph are expected to sweep across the south of England this evening, with heavy rainfall and winds across parts of Northern Ireland, Wales and the north-west of England.

And, because the winter storms last year actually resulted in people risking their lives to venture out and capture images of themselves among the sea and flooding, organisations have been forced to issue the warnings to stop people trying to get that perfect extreme selfie again.

Both the Environment Agency and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) released a strongly worded warning against taking “storm selfies”.

Neil Davies, duty flood risk manager at the Environment Agency, said:

The power of Mother Nature is a fascination to us all – and taking storm selfies may seem exhilarating. But over the last few years we’ve had an increasing number of people putting themselves and family members at severe risk along coastal paths and promenades.

Floods destroy so take care and be prepared. Find out if you are at risk and sign up for early flood warnings. Stay safe and act now to be better prepared for flood to reduce the impact it could have on your family, your home and your business.

Basically, you should be battening down the hatches tonight, not trying to show off how brave you are to your Facebook friends! Take heed, everyone.