Avengers: Endgame Is Completely Finished

by : Tim Horner on : 09 Mar 2019 18:10
marvel avengers endgame finished shootingmarvel avengers endgame finished shootingMarvel Studios

If you’re going to spend up to $400 million and a year of everyone on the internet’s patience, pretty sure you’d want things to be wrapped up with just weeks before your film hits cinemas. Good job that’s the case with Avengers: Endgame.


After watching Captain Marvel as well as several of the old X-Men movies yesterday, I can attest this is a very important thing when putting together a big budget superhero movie. And I’m not even a movie expert.

The news was released by the people who brought you such tweets as ‘Look hard…’ which apparently gave away the film’s title back when it was only known as Avengers 4, directors the Russo brothers, who tweeted in a slightly less cryptic way…

The tweet reads:


Last day of editorial Sundae Bar. Picture is locked…

I know this would normally be the part where as a viral news writer I’d beg the Russos for tickets to the premier, but train tickets to London are really expensive. So UNILAD honchos – if you can hear me – can we get an Editorial Sundae Bar? That stuff looks full to the brim with sugar and hydrogenated fats which would really help us get through these weekend shifts.

Oh, LADbible have done that joke already? Okay, I’ll take the tickets.

See, it’s that kind of snappy, self-aware dialogue that makes fans keep coming back for more.

Speaking of Captain Marvel and snappy, self-aware dialogue, UNILAD spoke to Samuel L. Jackson (Nick Fury, obvs), who, despite our blatant attempts to dig some info, didn’t give away too much about the upcoming release.

The chat went like this:

UNILAD: You’re the man who brought together The Avengers and Kevin Feige’s been pretty open in admitting that Captain Marvel’s the most powerful Avenger, is he right?

Samuel L. Jackson: Absolutely, I mean you’ve seen what she can do.

UNILAD: Even more powerful than Thor with Stormbreaker?

Samuel L. Jackson: Yes.

UNILAD: Captain America? Iron Man? Vision?

Samuel L. Jackson: [Laughing] Yes.


See, we got our office’s actual movie expert on the case with this one – he bravely continued:

UNILAD: What about Thanos? Who’d you put your money on?

Samuel L. Jackson: You’re not angling for some Endgame stuff are you? I see what you’re doing. But no, her.

UNILAD: Even with the Infinity Gauntlet?

Samuel L. Jackson: Yes.

Nick Fury Samuel L JacksonNick Fury Samuel L JacksonMarvel Studios

Given this has all been teed up in Infinity War, I don’t think I’ve spoilt owt. Best stuff my face with snacks until Endgame hits the cinemas in just over a month’s time. Wink, wink.

Captain Marvel is in cinemas now

Avengers: Endgame is set to be released on April 26

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