Awesome Images Of Flying Car Revealed, Ahead Of Its Test Flight


Since Science Fiction movies have been telling us for decades that we should all have flying cars by now, it’s about time someone actually got around to making one!

Several companies are said to be working on the must-have vehicles but Terrafugia has gone one step further and is aiming for a self-driving flying car. Ambitious!


The project was announced in 2013 and, now, the company have released the new designs of the TF-X, including the one-tenth scale model that is set to be tested in a wind tunnel situated in MIT.

The TF_X has a snazzy, sleek body, with fold-out wings and takes off and lands vertically (although it’ll need a clearance of 100ft in diameter to do so). Apparently it would then be able to cruise along in the sky at a speed of 200mph.


Terrafugia hope the vehicles can provide “true door-to-door transportation”, with the cars able to accommodate four people, and equipped with an on-board flight option controlled by a computer, which would allow the user to simply input the destination before the vehicle takes off.

It all sounds pretty amazing, although by the looks of it you’d have to have quite a large garage to actually store this monster. But then, if you can afford a flying car, you’re probably pretty set in that regard!