Awesome Video Shows All Of Pixar’s References To Classic Movies

by : UNILAD on : 11 Jan 2016 16:23

As if we didn’t already love Pixar films enough, this new video has given us an awesome insight into just how much cool stuff these guys are working into their movies.


As any avid fan of the animated movies will know, the Pixar team love to throw a bunch of Easter eggs into their movies, including references to their other works, A113 and John Ratzenberger.

In addition, there are also a ton of references to classic cinema across Pixar’s 16 big screen outings and now, thanks to this awesome short film courtesy of Jorge Luengo Ruiz, you can check out every single one of those movie reference from Toy Story to Inside Out.

The 22-year-old filmmaker from Madrid, Spain told BuzzFeed he was inspired to make the video after he finished at film school last summer.


It’s pretty incredible to see all of these together in one video, and while you probably spotted the references to the likes of Jurassic Park in Toy Story 2 and The Shining in Finding Nemo, there are a heck of a lot more we’d never even noticed before.

After watching this, we can safely say that John Lasseter and his team are big fans of Alfred Hitchcock’s work!

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