Awful Moment A*sehole Throws Firecracker To Hungry Monkey



This is the sickening moment a hungry monkey was tricked into picking up a firecracker and ended up having its finger blown off.


The footage, which was allegedly filmed at an animal park in Malaysia, shows a macaque monkey eating some food and waiting for more, when someone from the group chucks a firecracker over.

Eager for more grub, the trusting monkey picks it up, but seconds later it explodes in its hands. The poor guy was badly injured in the blast, and lost a finger on its left hand.


VID: Monkey Loses Finger to Exploding Crisp Packet

Photos taken after the incident show the traumatised monkey cradling its wounded hand. Thankfully, he was given emergency veterinary treatment.

Elisa Allen, Associate Director for PETA UK, said: “It is detestable that anyone would derive enjoyment from tormenting an animal who asked only for a morsel of food.”

Warning: The footage could be distressing to some.

The attackers have yet to be identified, unfortunately.