Azealia Banks Finally Banned From Twitter After Zayn Malik Racist Attack

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Azealia Banks’ Twitter account has been taken off her. Finally.

Twitter have finally decided to swoop in and suspend the rapper from using the social media service after she made headlines for launching a verbal tirade at former One Direction star Zayn Malik.

Her tweets – which were both ridiculous and racist – managed to piss off pretty much everyone.

First, she attacked Zayn Malik, then Britain, and finally, UK rappers. And let’s not forget she also verbally attacked a 14-year-old Disney star.


But being a disrespectful, racist twat has consequences, and Britain stepped up and dropped her set at London’s Born & Bred festival after she callled UK rap ‘a disgrace’ and said British rappers ‘never have swag’.

And now her Twitter account shows a message saying that the account has been taken down. Finally.

Unfortunately, these remarks are only a drop in the ocean compared to what she’s said in the last few years.

In the past, she’s threatened to curse Twitter’s CEO, suggested killing Iggy Azalea, called Beyonce a thief, and in April, was threatened with legal action by Sarah Palin after suggesting the US politician deserved to be ‘gang raped’.

But by calling Zayn a ‘punjab’ and a ‘sand n****r’, we think this rant was her worst yet. Completely out of line.

As if to actually show she knew she was wrong, Azealia deleted almost her entire timeline on Wednesday night. We’d love to say she deleted them because she was remorseful, but the more likely answer is that she was made to.

She also tried to explain (at length) the reasons behind her attack on both Malik and 14-year-old Disney star Skai Jackson.

The ‘212’ rapper claimed that she was trying ‘to remind [Zayn] that we’re both in the same boat in this industry and people of colour.’

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And the teen Disney star? Apparently she ‘hasn’t even entered the real world yet, where real black women get vilified for being just that.’ She said: “Real and black and woman, and I felt that since she’s a child she had no place in that argument.”

She also posted a video explained that she ‘loves to disturb people’ to ‘make them think’. Well, we did, and we came to the conclusion that you’re a racist asshole.

But apparently she’s not done.

Since she’s been booted off Twitter, Azealia has now taken to Instagram to hurl a few more insults out.


Continuing the whole affair, she said: “REALIZE that I insulted Indians, Pakistani, black folk… And my Twitter didn’t get suspended until I said “WHITENESS IS A MENTAL ILLNESS” you guys need to pay the fuck attention to what is Happening here.”

She also decided to add that she’s writing an essay called ‘whiteness is a mental illness’.

Here’s to hoping we never see Azealia Banks on Twitter again.